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Once upon a time Augmented Reality was the stuff of films like Avatar and Minority Report.

It had great potential, but it just wasn’t quite there yet.

Now, following the successes of MSQRD, Pokemon Go, Snapchat ‘rainbows’ and IKEA’s AR catalogue, Augmented Reality or, AR for short, is very very definitely mainstream.

Well, maybe not mainstream for Nokia Generation X but for generation Y ( millenials born 1982 – 2000) and generation Z, AR, is actually mainstream technology. 

And it’s also about to get a whole lot more mainstream when Facebook launch Augmented Reality newsfeed ads in Q4 2018.

So, if you’re considering investing Marketing budget in AR, here’s why you should dive right in and get experimenting now!

1. Augmented Reality is Personal

AR gives your consumers the opportunity to engage with your brand on a personal level. By using a platform that allows your target audience to really engage with your brand will boost not only your brand awareness but also your brand loyalty. AR is a win-win situation for everyone!


2.Augmented Reality is Relevant

Pokemon Go revolutionised the mobile marketing industry from an AR perspective. Their game demonstrated just how engaged people can become in AR and how many people it can reach. Pokemon Go made the use of AR cool and exciting. If you want your brand to stay cool and fresh, make sure you’re on the right side of this AR trend.

3. Augmented Reality is Memorable

It is every marketers dream to go down in history as the creator of an unbelievable marketing campaign such as the DeBeers creating the idea that ‘A Diamond is Forever’. The use of AR in your marketing campaigns can bring you one step closer to that dream. As AR can have a personal effect on consumers, that immediately makes it more memorable in their target audiences mind. In response to this, AR campaigns have the possibility of going viral as users want to share the experience with their friends and family. Remember, a viral campaign is a memorable one, and a viral campaign is a success. 


4. Augmented Reality can be Useful

If your brand offering adds value to your target audience’s life, then your marketing campaign should too. This can often be difficult to achieve using traditional marketing tools, however the use of AR is making this easier to achieve. Brand such as Ikea understand the importance adding value to their consumer’s lives and thus have created an AR experience that reflects that. AR makes your ads shoppable. Look at the success on L’Oreal and Sephora, both early adopters of AR.

Image: KLM’s AR Baggage Size Checker.

KLM Augmented Reality App

5. Augmented Reality Creates an Experience

As we are now living the experience economy, it is more important than ever to involve consumers in your brand’s story and create an experience. AR gives you the opportunity to do that. Due to AR being relatively new to the marketing world it allows brands to take a risk and create new experiences for their target audiences. A brand who uses A.R to create a consumer orientated experience has, in my eyes, already won.

Images: The limited edition A/R Jordan Snapchat lens. In a world first Snapchat people could use special Snapcodes to unlock an e-commerce experience that provided exclusive pre-release access to purchase the AJ III Tinker, named after the designer of the original Jordan sneakers, with same-day delivery. Via R/GA and The Drum. More here 

 Images: The purchase of A/R Jordan’s within Snapchat using Shopify ( we think!) 


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