From Tiny 160 character SMS ACORNS to mighty 4k augmented reality OAKS!

RTN2SNDR started off as a text messaging company in London, 2001. The founders were both working in agencies and internet start-ups. This was around the time that texting was taking off like a rocket.

They thought to themselves, “Well, everyone is texting, everyone has a phone now – what are brands doing about this?.

So, RTN2SNDR was born to help brands and agencies engage with a new generation of mobile/digital shoppers and consumers.



The name RTN2SNDR ( Return To The Sender) has its roots in promotional and retailer/shopper marketing, where if you want to get people (on the move) to take action, the customer experience has to be really easy and useful.

There has to be ‘something in it for me’. People simply won’t give you their number, use your chat bot, enter your promotion, or download your app if there’s nothing in ‘RETURN’ for them. 

The same idea holds true today. In fact with soaring consumer expectations and diminishing attention spans this mindset  is even more valid than it ever was. 

And yes, since you ask, we got stuck with the whole Elvis return to sender thang but at least you won’t forget our name!



We combine cutting edge technology with creativity

In one way mobile is ‘just another screen’. But there is simply so much you can do with a smartphone that unless your mobile activity is harnessing the latest smartphone tech you’re really missing a trick.

We live and breathe the latest technologies so that when it comes to taking your big idea or campaign or insight or business challenge we’ll ensure you get the best work.

But as before, it simply comes down to doing the best work and creating something people actually want to take part in.

Check out the tabs below to see more on the services we offer.


App Design & Development 

Did you know that people spend most of their media time on mobile using apps? 

A well designed app is absolutely the perfect way to engage your customers, shoppers, stakeholders and staff. 

We love developing apps for all types of businesses and all budgets.

We’ve developed iOS, Android and tablet apps for DIAGEO, Vodafone, Coke, Pfizer, A&L Goodbody, AVIVA, Bank Of Ireland, Cavan Council, Ogilvy, Kerry Foods, Aer Lingus, Tallaght Hospital, Hermitage Clinic, OLCHC, GAA App, ISPCC

App Marketing

There’s a reason why many apps are downloaded once and then deleted – many of these apps are not being supported with ongoing communications such as in-app messaging, App notifications, App Store Advertising & App Store Optimisation , Email, Social integration, Google Adwords, SEO,  and integration with paid, owned and earned channels.

Our App Marketing Team can help your business devise an app marketing programme to ensure your app continues to deliver value for your business and your customers.

SMS still delivers the best ROI of all Mobile Marketing tools.

Peer to peer SMS may be in decline but the business uses for SMS are actually increasing year on year.

From ‘text and win’ campaigns and short-codes, to customer feedback, voting, notifications, alerts and even bite sized content – SMS yields the best ROI of all mobile marketing technologies.

We provide SMS services via our M-Gage SMS platform in UK, ROI, Northern Ireland, Australia and mainland Europe.

Augmented Reality 

We develop all types of AR experiences from web AR to native AR within Apps together with campaigns within Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

From simple fun stuff like brand filters to ‘gesture based’ facial tracking and AR themed games we can bring to life your latest campaign or business challenge in Augmented Reality. 

Mobile was born and raised in Promotional & Shopper/Retail Marketing. 

And now this area is really set to explode. 

Mobile has a huge role to play in influencing shopper behaviour at or near the point of purchase. 

We’ve over 16 years experience working with shopper teams and shopper agencies delivering on-pack and POS text and win campaigns,  promotional micro-sites, URN draw mechanics,  database development, unique code generation, NFC,  augmented reality, mobile voucher campaigns,  iBeacon campaigns, apps, ..

You name it we’ve done it! 

How can we help?

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