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We love developing apps for all types of businesses and all budgets.

We do apps for 3-week in-store promotions and apps for 1-day festivals. TV companion apps, customer service apps and apps for 5-year plans. Sponsorship apps and apps for pub promotions, apps for hospitals, law firms, insurance, telcos, FMCG, pharma companies, tourism sites, and big fun, innovation apps for campaign launches. We also build our own apps ( when we’ve time). 


Why do we love developing apps?


Because, when done right the feel and experience of an app are impossible to beat. Apps are slick. Apps can deliver a me-me-me personalized experience. Goodbye streams of irrelevant email and ad blockers!


Sure, apps are not as easy to set up as a trusty old website and they take time, care and budget. But, doesn’t everything? A nice app is absolutely the perfect place to showcase your business, deliver amazing customer service, or create a really nice brand experience.


And, since relevance is the cornerstone of good marketing having an app tells your cycle while texting, mobile-crazy, v.demanding customers that your company is the perfect choice for them.


As well as designing and building apps we also do something which is almost as important as building an app – App Marketing and App Promotion.


We help you integrate your app with the wider business, set your KPI’s and put the right metrics in place. We’ll help you get your app downloaded and most of all keep your app users coming back for more using app notifications, app store optimization, app advertising and in app messaging. ( Look now: Handy 5 step App Marketing guide below!) 


We have developed apps for DIAGEO, Vodafone, Coca Cola, Pfizer, A&L Goodbody, AVIVA, Bank Of Ireland, Cavan County Council, Ogilvy, ii, Goosebump & Kerry Foods, Aer Lingus, Tallaght Hospital, The Hermitage, OLCHC, Offical GAA App, Ebow,


How can we help your business?


Step 1: Audience Analysis

Find out who your users are and what they are currently doing in your app.

Here are some tips on what else to do:

  • The key component in any successful app engagement strategy is finding out how your users are currently using your app and then using this knowledge to drive further engagement. Test, learn, optimize and repeat!
  • When do they use your app, what are the intervals between using it and not using it? How do they enter and leave your app? Are they doing the one or two things the app is supposed to do? Is there a push notification strategy in place?
  • What is driving user acquisition? App store search, paid or organic search, point of sale, in app referrals, social or paid ad campaigns.
  • Best-in Class Industry Example: The Homebase App knows who you are and where you are. It even understands ‘dwell time’. This handy little app pops up in-store in a helpful way to answer any questions you have about your purchase (and seal the deal for Homebase!)  Or you could just ask a hungover student. Would that work? Maybe.

Step 2: App Promotion and comms

‘Decide what behaviors you need to drive and what App Engagement tools you need to employ to drive those behaviors’.

App Engagement is all about communicating with your users in a timely, relevant and most of all valuable way.

With apps, you simply can’t broadcast your way to success. It has to be valuable. There has to be a ‘return to the sender/receiver’. A value exchange.

We will help you review and plan out your apps onboarding strategy, in- app messaging, in app notifications, A/B testing, phased releases, app inbox strategy plus your app advertising plan across paid, owned and earned channels. 

Some top tips for app notifications: 

  1. Personalized – uses the recipients’ name ( don’t say hello mate/chief/missus!) 
  2. Understands your behavior – that dress you favorited is 30% off for 24hrs
  3. Location aware: Welcome to the Vodafone Comedy Festival, finally, we meet!
  4. Uses images and video – emojis actually are having a bit of a moment in apps
  5. Uses the right words that convert: Off, Love, You, Now, %, Do, Get & FREE!


Best-in Class Industry Example: The Leinster Rugby App prompts Rugby fans in the stadium with an ‘upsell’ message inviting them to upgrade their seat and sample the experience for free.

A great example of a timely, relevant, time sensitive and a contextually relevant offer! Wow, that was a bit of a m-mouthful!

Step 3: App Store Optimization (ASO) and onboarding

ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps via keywords, images, and reviews to rank higher in an app store’s search results. It’s a bit like SEO for the app store. Given that organic search still drives the majority of all downloads it’s really important to get it right.

We’re here to help you with your App store optimization using the following tools:

  • Keyword analysis and optimization
  • Competitor research and search term tracking
  • App meta data review and optimization.
  • User review monitoring and feedback (more reviews mean higher ranking!)
  • Review of App Store images and video (better images convert faster!)
  • Review of app onboarding and user recruitment


Best-in Class Industry Example: The screenshots that Babycentre, Run Keeper, and Snap provide a clear concise and visually compelling overview of their app’s functionality leaving you in little doubt that you should hit the download button.


 Step 4: Test, learn and improve your app based on user feed back

App users today have very high expectations. Your users will have issues, and suggestions when using your app.

It is vital that you create a 2-way communication channel within your app. By giving your users a voice you make them feel valued which in turn builds loyalty to your app. Allowing users to review the app, submit queries within the app and of even chat to you directly within the app.

By giving your users a voice you make them feel valued which in turn builds loyalty to your app. Allowing users to review the app, submit queries within the app and of even chat to you directly within the app.

Allow your users to review your app, take part in surveys and submit queries within the app. You can even go all out and even chat to your team directly within the app.

Remember app reviews will propel your app through the app store wayyyy faster than any Facebook ads or a spot on The Late Late Toy Show!

Tip: Review what feedback mechanisms you currently have in place for your users to provide feedback about your app. Consider incentivizing potential app survey respondents with a prize.

Best in Class Industry Example: The Buzzfeed and Trackbox apps ask users if they are happy with the app and prompt users to review the app in the app store ( boosting their positions in the app store).

 Step 5:  Metrics – Focus on the stats that matter 

It is really important to set proper, realistic KPI’s for your app. If the app is just part of an overall brand awareness campaign your metrics will be different for an app designed to improve customer service. If your app is to be used say for a 3 days Festival or at a one-day retail event again the metrics and KPIs will be different. 

Here’s a handy checklist of things to do:

Users, Daily or Monthly Active? Your regular users create the most value, you know them! Find out what your retention rate is and how users return to your app. This helps calculate life time value of your app customer base.

Session length: How long does a typical app user use your app from beginning to end and over what periods and time intervals? Are there any trends that you can spot?

Acquisition sources and attribution: where are people downloading your app from? Where should you allocate the most budget to maximize these sources?

Screen-flow: Monitoring the paths (or obstacles) that your users take using your app will help you maximize users time in your app.

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