Here a some examples of Augmented Reality campaigns we have worked on:

We have developed apps for the following sectors and segments:

  • Telco ( Vodafone Comedy App – find characters to win prizes, share brand filters to win) 
  • FMCG ( Jameson Pub App – Share pictures of you with J-cam beside James Joyce, Brandon Behan etc,  
  • Retail ( Tesco Price Checker App, Vodafone Offers App,) 
  • Travel & Tourism (Visit Cavan Apps Cavan Burren – Share pictures with pre-historic dwellers and creatures) 
  • Sports ( Official GAA App)
  • Banking ( Bank of Ireland Youth App, bank Of Ireland Enterprise Town SME App) 
  • Charity (ISPCC App, Pine2Pink Augmented Reality App) 


Augmented Reality: engage your customers & bypass the competition! 

Wikipedia defines Augmented Reality as: ‘a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view’. VR is the one where you wear the helmet or headset! 

The classic example of AR are:

  1. Pokemon Go – players use the camera view and the phones GPS to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, which appear as if they are in the player’s real-world location ( the image to the left shows Pine2Pink, a similar campaign we delivered!) 
  2. Snapchat/Insta lenses – super-impose brand filters/mask on your face 
  3. L’Oreal/Sephora/Modiface:  sample and buy make up 
  4. Nike Fit – sample/try on and buy the latest trainers 







Our Approach to app design , development and promotion:

Here is a simple step by step guide for a typical app project: 

  1. Discovery & briefing:  we understand your business business goals, brand promise and purpose
  2. Audience/Target Consumer: we align your goals with customer needs for a potential app
  3. Stage 1 response: We present app concepts and functionality based on briefing and audience need
  4. Client feedback: and suggestions based on Stage 1
  5. Stage 2 response: & documentation of functional requirements, project plan, timings & dependencies
  6. Design: wireframes and stage 1 designs showing user interface, user flows
  7. Production: App development, feedback, enhancements, rigorous testing across  devices and platforms
  8. App/digital marketing plan: ASO, analytics testing and launch plan to integrate with wider business & comms
  9. Launch: deployment, feedback, re-testing, enhancements based on initial KPI’s and objectives


Types Of AR

AR Games.

Games work brilliantly on AR – here’s a football one we delivered for Coca Cola with Centra.

How it worked: players scanned the point of sale QR code and this triggered a web based AR experience. Players had to locate all of the 6 footballs and flick them away for a chance to win a prize ( players entered their name, email and mobile number into a web form for a chance to win a prize).

These games can also be built within Facebook, Snapchat and ( coming soon!) Instagram.







AR Treasure Hunts. 

Here’s another example of a sample treasure hunt we built for a pitch ( this never went live but it’s a good example nevertheless).

The game was to support an initiative designed to educate shoppers on what meals to prepare for dinner.

The treasure hunt was built in Facebook and worked as follows:

-players were presented with a series of menu’s to learn about dinner options and ingredients 

-players had then find all 6 of the ingredients in Augmented Reality 

-players tapped on the ingredients to find and add them to their trolley 

-once they collected the ingredients players are awarded with a chef’s hat and a certificate of completion to share on Facebook for a chance to win

Facial Gestures & AR

One of the exciting features of Augmented Reality is the ability of the camera to recognise facial features and expressions. 

Personal care companies such as L’Oreal have harnessed this to great effect with their Augmented Reality experience enabling shoppers to sample and try on new types of lipstick. 

Similarly eye wear companies such as Ray Ban have harnessed the technology to enable shoppers to try on different types of glasses. 

We harnessed the technology recently for a St Patrick’s Day promotion where festival goers could kiss themselves ( kiss me I’m Irish!) and then share a filter ( a hat!) and a plume of kisses for a chance to win a prize. 





AR Hoops  

We also provide the following services:

  1. SMS Marketing & Text & Win campaigns
  2. Website design and landing page development for app launches 
  3. Video and content creation for social channels 
  4. Email marketing 
  5. Search Engine Optimisation for app discovery and launch
  6. Adwords, Facebook/Instagram Marketing 




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