World Cup Chatbot Promotion

Love football? The World Cup? & winning prizes?

If you’re interested in football and love winning prizes this Summer 2018, then head on over to Facebook Messenger to play our World Cup Watch N Win bot. 

Not only can you win prizes by predicting the outcomes of the games but you can also use ask our handy bot to find out what games are on Irish TV. 

You can also select your favourite world cup team and follow them to receive timely game reminders telling you what channel your favourite team is on TV. 


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New Work: Keeling’s Januberry Promotion

Happy Januberry! 

We are delighted to be working, as technology partner, with Padraig and all of the gang at Marketing Network for the latest Keeling’s Januberry Promotion. 

If you pick up a pack of Keeling’s fruit punnet’s and enter your code *and*3 word slogan via SMS or Web you can win a set of Family bikes every day! 

The promotion runs from 1st January to 31st January and there’s a bonus prize for all late entrants after 31st January. 

We delivered the following services for the promotion: 

  • SMS Shortcodes and keywords – N.Ire and UK
  • Responsive campaign microsite CSS HTML and database development 
  • Unique code URN generation for all packs 
  • On-line reporting and login 
  • Data-capture and back end database 
  • Customer queries and error checking 

Here’s that URL again if you feel like entering – good luck!

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A&L Goodbody CPD App & New Apps


We are delighted to be working with the team at A&L Goodbody on the recent launch of their updated CPD app and their other apps, Hr Law App, and their GDPR App. 

The apps which are launching in tandem with their new brand refresh are now available in the App Store and Play Store. 

There’s three new apps there: Irish HR Law, Legal CPD Tracker and also a really handy one all about GDPR in Ireland. 

If you search A&L Goodbody it will take you to all of the apps – check them out ! 



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Vodafone App New Business Win | Return2Sender

New Business, Pitch Win – Vodafone App Charity Connect 

Vodafone App

We are delighted to be working with Vodafone Ireland following a 4-way pitch recently. The new Vodafone app which is called Charity Connect aggregates charities and volunteers in Ireland. Charities will be able to place volunteering opportunities within the app.

Volunteers will also be able to volunteer for charity opportunities within the app. 

The new app which is called Charity Connect aggregates charities and volunteers in Ireland. Charities will be able to place volunteering opportunities within the app. Volunteers will also be able to volunteer for charity opportunities within the app. 

Charities will be able to place volunteering opportunities within the app. Volunteers will also be able to volunteer for charity opportunities within the app. 

Watch this space for more or contact us if your charity would like to get involved! 



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Celebrate Bloomsday with the #IYFBloomsday!

Celebrate Bloomsday with the Hashtag #IYFBloomsday!

Surely you have heard about James Joyce?

One of Ireland’s most influential and celebrated writers famous by his inspirational novel Ulysses.

If you have, you are probably aware that every June 16th Blooms day takes place in Dublin to commemorate the author’s life.

During this event, his novel Ulysses is relived all over the city.

This year we have partnered with The Irish Youth Foundation and Brennan’s Bread to celebrate the occasion.

Using our MOMENTO Free Prints application and the Hashtag #IYFBloomsday anyone who shared their snaps was able to get a Free Print of their Bloomsday picture sent to them in the post. Analog cool!

Why does this work?


Event photo Printing Return2Sender

Why does this work?

Hashtags work!

While some are born organically from social and cultural flash point, brands have the opportunity to take a more strategic approach to using hashtags in their social media campaigns.

This allows them to spark and track the conversation online, as well as using a call to action that integrates offline and online campaigns. 

By throwing in free photos into the mix IYF and Brennans were able to boost their organic shares by giving people an even greater reason to share their snaps.

For more info about our Momento ‘ad funded photo printing,’ app/service have a look at the link here 


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Share Snaps, Free Prints

MOMENTO – Free Prints 

Momento is a photo promotions app that allows you to share your snaps in exchange for a FREE prints

Managed by Return2Sender.

How does Momento Free Prints work? 

If you’re looking to get people sharing at events or around brand occasions our social photo printing service an app could be a great bolt for your activity.

In short the Momento app works with Instagram

(that’s Insta only folks, trust us its the the only reliable channel for this – FB is too restricted!)

encourages consumers to share their pictures in exchange for getting free prints or the chance to win a prize.  

We take care of everything from POS and or leaflet design, Instagram ads, Instagram/competition monitoring, analytics and of course posting out those lovely photos in a branded envelope to your brand advocates. 

People can share via hashtags!

If they wish to download the app they can access other great promotions and use custom brand filters and stickers to enhance their photos.  

For more information email with MOMENTO in the subject line.

Or else follow us in social media!

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Coca Cola- CookByNumbers

Meal Time Inspiration: Coca Cola (CookByNumbers)

We’re delighted to be working with our client Coca Cola CCH and also with the lovely people at Goosebump on the roll out of the CookByNumbers website and messaging application. 

If you’re looking for inspiration in-store at meal times simply SMS MEAL 1 or MEAL 2, MEAL 3,4,5,6,7,8 to 50400/81515 to get an SMS recipe. 

Banner Coke V1

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Facebook launches Valentine’s Filters, Emoji..

Facebook launches Valentine’s Filters and Emojis!

In an effort to become friendlier and more current Facebook has recently been launching a series of initiatives including:

Cards, filters and emojis around major messaging days such as Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year.


This makes sense considering in SMS land the big messaging days tended to be New Years Eve, Christmas Day and yes Valentines Day.

This also presents a major opportunity for brands to be part of the messaging conversation on those days

For example ‘say it with Galaxy Chocolate’ 

Interestingly Facebook reports a 25% increase in life events compared to 2 weeks earlier.


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Guinness OGB VR

Guinness OGB VR:

Here’s a very simple app and 360 video we did for Guinness Open Gate Brewery. 

These experiences are actually quite easy to create and you can re-cycle your content for Facebook 360 / Youtube etc. 

Thanks to Steven Courtney for getting this up and running. 




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Match Planner App

Looking to find out what games are on TV in Ireland?  Well, we’ve just launched a match planner for Android. There’s an interesting twist to it in that advertisers can sponsor ‘watch and win’ competitions. So, if you’re watching a game you can try and predict what player will score first and at what time interval.  If you’re an advertiser looking to engage with people while they’re watching the game please do get in touch on ( please put match planner in the subject line)



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Vodafone GameDay app


It’s Friday but unfortunately the content isn’t appearing correctly today. Please check back next week and we’ll have it all fixed. Sorry !

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