We’re Sponsoring The 2018 APMC Awards..

We’re Sponsoring The 2018 APMC Awards – Marker Hotel

We are delighted to be sponsoring this years 2018 APMC Awards – closing date for entry is Friday, March 2nd. The Awards are on in the Marker Hotel on 20th April and our very own MD, Donald Douglas will be presenting awards. So, get your gunas ready! 

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Facebook launches Valentine’s Filters, Emoji..

Facebook launches Valentine’s Filters and Emojis!

In an effort to become friendlier and more current Facebook has recently been launching a series of initiatives including:

Cards, filters and emojis around major messaging days such as Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year.


This makes sense considering in SMS land the big messaging days tended to be New Years Eve, Christmas Day and yes Valentines Day.

This also presents a major opportunity for brands to be part of the messaging conversation on those days

For example ‘say it with Galaxy Chocolate’ 

Interestingly Facebook reports a 25% increase in life events compared to 2 weeks earlier.


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Check your website speed with Google!

Handy Site Speed Tool From Google: 

Google make it so “easy” don’s they? Simply place your web address into the box and click submit to see how fast or slow your website is. 

They’ll even send you a handy report on all the things you need to do to fix the issues.  We have a few things to fix ourselves unfortunately!

Check your website speed here




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