Blippar Augmented Reality

Blippar and GPS pinpointing. 

Blippar is still innovating after all of these years and in this video it showcase its GPS pinpointing capabilities. Check out the video below and also our apps section on getting an app for your business that uses Augmented Reality here. 

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McDonald’s Virtual Reality Campaign – Examples Of VR Marketing 1

One of the best ways advertisers can create great Mobile Marketing experiences is to leverage existing owned channels like point of sale and packaging and do nice overlays. By going into the store or picking up the packaging consumers are effectively opted in to be communicated. Its also the perfect connection moment to communicate with them.

With that in mind McDonalds Sweden has turned their Happy Meal boxes into cardboard VR headsets and created Happy Goggles . Of course there’s a nice super size link to purchase effect where you have to actually buy the Happy Meal box, tear along the perforated lines and actually make up the goggles yourself ( the lenses are provided and have to drop your own smartphone of course as well as downloading the app!). It’s not abundantly clear in the video but it looks like people have to buy the special Happy Meal box complete with cardboard VR goggles.

It’s interactive on a number of levels and the only watch outs for us are that you might want t have a few nice, helpful sampling staff on hand to manage the eventual chaos that might occur if parents or kids can’t get the whole thing working.

If you don’t have the budget to do VR you can still do lots of nice things with mobile like text and win campaigns, scan and win, snap and win etc.

Here’s the McDonald Video

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