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Celebrate Bloomsday with the Hashtag #IYFBloomsday!

Surely you have heard about James Joyce?

One of Ireland’s most influential and celebrated writers famous by his inspirational novel Ulysses.

If you have, you are probably aware that every June 16th Blooms day takes place in Dublin to commemorate the author’s life.

During this event, his novel Ulysses is relived all over the city.

This year we have partnered with The Irish Youth Foundation and Brennan’s Bread to celebrate the occasion.

Using our MOMENTO Free Prints application and the Hashtag #IYFBloomsday anyone who shared their snaps was able to get a Free Print of their Bloomsday picture sent to them in the post. Analog cool!

Why does this work?


Event photo Printing Return2Sender

Why does this work?

Hashtags work!

While some are born organically from social and cultural flash point, brands have the opportunity to take a more strategic approach to using hashtags in their social media campaigns.

This allows them to spark and track the conversation online, as well as using a call to action that integrates offline and online campaigns. 

By throwing in free photos into the mix IYF and Brennans were able to boost their organic shares by giving people an even greater reason to share their snaps.

For more info about our Momento ‘ad funded photo printing,’ app/service have a look at the link here 


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