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We're here to help your business get the most out of mobile technology to engage with your shoppers, players, viewers, fans, stakeholders, staff, and customers.

Our creative services and our technology solutions are designed to encourage purchase, drive loyalty and strengthen brand image.

We work in two ways.

We design bespoke services *or* clients can leverage our experience and modular code libraries to cost effectively deploy campaigns in short time frames.

Check out the options below and of course feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss your next campaign or promotion.

SMS Competitions & Promotions UK & Ireland

Log in to view all entries, stats and manage winners.

Return2Sender ( then RTN2SNDR) started off as a text messaging company running our first ever SMS competions for Fanta and Nescafe in June 2001.

Since then we have run over 5,000 SMS campaigns in UK, Ireland, Australia and mainland Europe for some big name brands and agencies.

Our GDPR compliant SMS Platform securely manages everything and clients can log in to view all entries, graphs, statistics and of course pick the lucky winners!

Voting Manager

Run Voting Campaigns over SMS, Web, In-App & Chatbots

Voting campaigns are a great way to involve your audience in your sports event, TV programme, promotion, event or advertising campaign.

Our platform seamlessly and securely manages everything with up to date results and live feeds.

The platform works with SMS, chatbots, websites and mobile apps.

Intersting Fact: Did you know more people voted in Pop Idol via SMS than in the 2001 UK election and popular brands such as Cadbury Wispa, and Walkers Crisps have all been put to the popular vote.

Tap, Scan & Enter

Run Promotions via Snapchat, QR codes, NFC and Messenger

It's exciting times for traditional printed media.

Because all of the above platforms now have whizz- bang camera technologies built into their respective apps you can integrate 'scan codes' with your print ads, packaging, outdoor advertising, point of sale and other handy printed materials.

People simply scan or tap the relevant code ( say QR code, NFC tag or Snap code) and are magically, digitally, transported to your promotional microsite, chatbot, company website or even 1800 number ( how novel!).

We can advise on everything you need to know to get the best out of each platform and choose the solution that's right for your brand or business.

Our platform takes care of everything from scan code creation to statistical reporting, microsite design/development, promotion entries management, and winner selection.

Prize Fulfilment - Notify and manage winners via SMS

No More Herding Cats!

Trying to get in touch with people on their mobile these days is a bit like herding cats!

No one answers their phone anymore, especially from numbers they don't recognise.

Imagine having to call 500 or even 50 winners to give them tickets to an event that's taking place in 7 days time? Nightmare!

So, that's why we came up with our Prize Alert platform so we can help our clients securely, cost effectively and efficiently manage the whole process of contacting winners and getting names and addresses, email addresses, dates of birth, passport numbers, and other details for getting prizes to them or confirming them on the guest list.

App Development

We've over 11 years experience of developing iOS & Android Apps

We do apps for 3-week in-store promotions and apps for 1-day festivals.

We make lovely TV companion apps, customer service apps and apps for 5-year plans. Sponsorship apps and apps for pub promotions, apps for hospitals, law firms, insurance, telcos, FMCG, pharma companies, tourism sites, and big fun, innovation apps for campaign launches.

We also build our own apps ( when we’ve time).

We have developed apps for DIAGEO, Vodafone, Coca Cola, Pfizer, A&L Goodbody, AVIVA, Bank Of Ireland, Cavan County Council, Ogilvy, ii, Goosebump & Kerry Foods, Aer Lingus, Tallaght Hospital, The Hermitage, OLCHC, Offical GAA App, Ebow, Entertainment.ie

Augmented Reality

Scan Packaging, Play Games, Integrate with Snapchat, Facebook, Apple AR Kit.

We have been developing Augmented Reality (AR) experiences for almost 10 years now for brands such as Jameson, Vodafone and Coca Cola.

Packaging and AR go together like Salt & Vinegar!

We can help your brand exploit the full potential of Augmented Reality (AR) from simple small budget web based AR solutions, to game like experiences within Snapchat, and Facebook as well as App deployments for events, brand sponsorship, promotions, product launches and 360 degree campaigns.

Text & Win Campaigns

In-Store Promotions, On Pack, Sponsorships, Watch N Win, Predict N Win.

You can't beat SMS for its sheer reach and simplicity.

SMS campaigns are relatively in-expensive and quick and easy to deploy for in-store promotions, events, and on-pack promotions. We are constantly finding new ways to create fun promotions around a technology that isn't going anywhere fast! In fact...

Fun Fact: Peer to Peer SMS is in decline but Person to Business SMS is on the increase year on year.

You can check out our dedicated page here: http://www.return2sender.ie/sms-marketing/

Facebook Messenger Promotions

Engage with 1.3 billion Facebook Messenger users.

With over 1.3 billion monthly active users as of April 2018 Facebook Messenger is catching up on WhatsApp ( 1.5b MAU's).

For Marketers, Facebook Messenger presents the most opportunities. From simple 'enter keyword quiz competitions' to chatbots, games, and embedded promotional websites we've got you covered.

Oh and you can now do some pretty cool Augmented Reality stuff in Messenger!

NFC Tap & Win

Enhance POS and packaging with NFC stickers

Tap into new types of interactivity!

Like AR, NFC and printed materials go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong / Chang chang changitty chang sha-bop.

If you've every tapped your ATM card on one of those handy 'contactless' machines then you've used NFC. By placing NFC stickers on your printed materials or point of sale you can trigger an SMS, a website, Facebook or an App. Again we can help you exploit the full potential of NFC to make it easier for your customers to interact with your promotion or campaign.

Shazam & Win

Shazam Scan Codes on POS with in-app engagement via Augmented Reality

Shazam is an App that recognises music and TV commercials. If you open the app when a song or ad comes on it will link you to a web page or augmented reality experience for that piece of audio content.

And now, the app, which 400 Million people have on their phone, can visually recognise Shazam codes on packaging, POS, outdoor and other printed materials. Once you scan the 'Shazam Code' with the Shazam app it all comes to life with a web, social or Augmented Reality experience.

We can help your brand or business exploit the full potential of Shazam for AR or web based promotions!

Web Promotions

Microsites and Database for Online Promotions

For online promotions, we can create a microsite for customers to enter and register their details, making it an easier and more enjoyable experience for entrants. This microsite can also house all the data collected from your entrants, making the whole interaction more efficient and orderly for both you and your customers.