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Who enters promotions?

Our Behaviour & Attitudes research reveals all.

Point of sale visibility is vital for brands. There’s simply no point investing all of that advertising budget to build awareness if your product isn’t visible at the point of purchase. 

Packaging has to stand out on the shelf. It has to be engaging enough to get people to stop and notice your product.

Sometimes however, great packaging on it’s own wont ‘cut through’ at the point of purchase. There has to be something more. A lot of the time consumers ask themselves ‘but, what’s in it for me?’. 

On-pack and point of sale promotions are a great way of enticing consumers and standing out over price offers and securing retailer buy in. 

Why is this Important?

The best promotions not only encourage purchase but connect with a brands target audience at an emotional level. In this regard, new technologies have a pivotal role to deepen brand engagement and build brand loyalty and strengthen brand image.

At Return2Sender we’ve delivered literally hundereds of promotions for agencies and brands from simple SMS competitions and web campaigns, to QR code, NFC and snapchat promotions and lately augmented reality promotions.

But one thing holds true, for in-store promotions simplicity is key.

There’s no point in developing a great promotion that’s simply too complicated.People don’t want to be challenged at the point of purchase. 

SMS is cost effective and easy to set up. It’s quick and most of all everyone can take part. Retailers love it because it works on every phone and appeals to everyone. 

Beyond SMS though shoppers still want to use technologies and platforms that are relevant to them. 

But we’ve always asked ourselves: 

Who enters promotions anyways? 

What age are they ? 

What life stage are they at?

Where do they live?

What technologies do they use?


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