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Mobile Vouchering

If there’s ONE thing that has captured the hearts and minds of mobile marketers over the past 16 years (since we set up!) it has to be mobile vouchering.  


The ability to ‘close the loop’ and drive people into a pub, event or retail outlet has often been seen as a ‘simple bullet for years.


We can do mobile vouchering in a number of ways but unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all way of redeeming mobile vouchers.


It really depends on the retailer, website, publican or outlet that is redeeming the voucher. 


Basically every retailer, shop or bar will have its own way of doing it (although, embryonic Apple Pay and Android Pay points to potentially a new unified way of doing things). 


There’s a couple of ways we have implemented mobile vouchering for brands and agencies:


  • Build an app for consumers. Deliver vouchers to the app and then at the point of purchase the retailer or publican types a unique code into the consumers app ( in front of them) to redeem the voucher. This requires retailer buy in, POS support and more budget.


  • Build a different type app for consumers. Deliver vouchers to the app and then at the point of purchase the retailer unlocks a code or image from the app and rewards the consumer based on the image or better still types a unique code from that image into their POS or app ( a la Hailo) to redeem the gift or reward.  This as you can appreciate requires retailer buy in, POS support and budget. Most large retailers have their own proprietary POS systems to integrate into and some have out of the box customer marketing support to enable brand promotions.



  • Send an SMS to consumers’ phones and the retailer uses the consumers phone to text back that code, validate the voucher and reward the user. Equally the retailer can enter the code into their POS or iPad to validate the code and ‘clip the ticket’.


  • Install campaign software onto the retailers’ point of sale systems or better still, do what Deliveroo and Just Eat have done – give the retailer an inexpensive Android Tablet with an app on it to make it easy for everyone (and secure buy in and point of sale visibility).


  • Wait for a cross platform solution to come along (2022 or sooner we reckon!).


App design, development, Marketing

Did you know that people spend most of their media time on mobile using apps? 

We love developing apps for all types of businesses and all budgets. 

We do apps for 3-week in-store promotions and apps for 1-day festivals. TV companion apps, customer service apps and apps for 5-year plans. Sponsorship apps and apps for pub promotions, apps for hospitals, law firms, insurance, telcos, FMCG, pharma companies, tourism sites, and big fun, innovation apps for campaign launches. We also build our own apps ( when we’ve time). 

In tandem with this we also run ongoing App marketing campaigns, as well as app analytics, app engagement and push notification programmes to ensure your app is being used and re-used. 

This has increasingly become an even more important component of our remit as app specialists – especially as clients start to allocate more budget to their app strategy in line with apps becoming a bigger part of their customer offering. 

We have developed iOS, Android and tablet apps for DIAGEO, Vodafone, Coca Cola, Pfizer, A&L Goodbody, AVIVA, Bank Of Ireland, Cavan County Council, Ogilvy, ii, Goosebump & Kerry Foods, Aer Lingus, Tallaght Hospital, The Hermitage, OLCHC, Offical GAA App, Ebow,

Please check out our dedicated section on App Development and App Marketing here

App Marketing

There’s a reason why many apps are downloaded once and then deleted – many of these apps are not being supported with ongoing communications such as in-app messaging, App notifications, App Store Advertising & App Store Optimisation , Email, Social integration, Google Adwords, SEO,  and integration with paid, owned and earned channels.

Our App Marketing Team can help your business devise an app marketing programme to ensure your app continues to deliver value for your business and your customers.

Please check out our dedicated section on App Marketing here 

SMS still delivers the best ROI of all Mobile Marketing tools.

Peer to peer SMS may be in decline but the business uses for SMS are actually increasing year on year.

From Text and Win campaigns, to customer feedback, voting, notifications, alerts and even bite sized content – SMS yields the best ROI of all mobile marketing technologies.

We have over 16 years developing SMS services and we provide SMS services in UK, ROI, Northern Ireland, Australia and mainland Europe. We love a challenge and can also conceive and develop bespoke SMS services aligned to your business objectives.

We can also provide you with a log in to our Easytext bulk SMS product to help you schedule, plan and send bulk SMS messages to your customers.

Please check out our dedicated section on SMS Marketing here 

Some of our current customers for SMS include Bank Of Ireland, Jurys’s Doyle, Tesco, Guinness, Kildare Village, Coca Cola, & Vodafone.

Websites and Web Development 

We can cater for all your web design and web development needs from small cost effective microsites that support promotions and or SMS campaigns to medium sized and large multi-page websites.

All web design and back end web development is done in-house and we also build easy to use content management systems as well as bespoke database applications to power your promotion, campaign or on-going brand presence online. All of our systems are tested rigorously to ensure your systems are 100% robust and secure.

As standard, our web design is responsive ensuring your site is mobile and tablet ready. And as mobile specialists, we employ all of our mobile marketing skills to ensure your website is optimized for the latest design trends as well as location, SEO, social, video, augmented reality and mobile games.

We also have extensive experience with integrating with  3rd party back end systems/APIs, mobile apps, and SMS applications. We can ensure that if required your website is integrated with these mobile technologies to ensure a powerful cross platform experience for your customers.

Mobile was born and raised in Shopper Marketing. 

And now this area is really set to explode. 

It’s hard to say where mobile begins and ends with retail and or shopper marketing but one thing is for sure mobile has a huge role to play in influencing shopper behavior at or near the point of purchase. 

In one way Mobile is not very digital at all. Traditional digital like email, banner ads, pop ups and websites feel like it was made for a bigger screen. Even search is playing catch up.

Whereas mobile ( messaging apps, SMS, apps) is much more bite sized and tailored to the device and when done well its optimized for location ( in-store, at a stadium, watching TV). 

Mobile Marketers can learn a lot from ‘below the line’ and the shopper mindset of understanding how to ‘intercept’ consumers on the move by making it as easy as possible to get them to take action and crucially making something useful, fun or incentivising with rewards or prizes.

A lot of what we’ve  learned, we have learned from working with BTL/shopper agencies and client shopper teams.

How to reach busy mums on the go? How to incentivise grumpy bar men? How to be really useful. How to do work that works for brands-shoppers and of course retailers – at the same time. What NOT to do at festivals. 

We have over 16 years with Agencies and shopper teams delivering cost effective text and win promotions, ‘bolt-ons’, scan and win campaigns, mobile ‘tool kits’, check in and win campaigns, tap and win, augmented reality, VR, mobile voucher campaigns, mobile photo printing, iBeacon campaigns, image recognition, apps, websites.. you name it we’ve done it.

Our USP here is that we know what works and where. In a busy pub? at a festival with no mobile coverage? in a shopping center? at an airport? in the cinema? at a rugby match?

All of these situations have different mobile requirements and we can tailor our mobile marketing solution to your shopper type, need-it-like-yesterday deadline, and of course, your feeling the pinch shopper budget. 


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