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Prize fulfilment is one of the more time consuming jobs that need to be done when running a promotion or competition.

There are so many things to do: pick the winners, phone them, transcribe their details, pack up their prize, post out the prize and then manage all of the calls and missed calls for people who didnt reply or didnt answer the call in the first place or worse still didnt actually get their prize. This process is always complicated by people taking to Facebook to vent their frustrations. 

We cant help with all of those things but using Return2Sender’s SMS ( and or web page) prize alert platform, we can help automate a few of the steps along the way to make the process of prize fulfilment easier. 

Using SMS and Return2Sender’s  automated prize fulfilment we can automate this process. By using SMS instead of telephoning winners you will save time and money because no one answers their phone from numbers they dont recognise and no one checks theri voicemail anymore!

Here’s how our SMS prize fulfilment service works: 

  • Send us the data ( the mobile numbers for each entrant) and the description and number of prizes you want to award, the terms and conditons for prize winning and claiming ( dates etc). 
  • We will pick a winner(s) for prize fulfilment using our automated draw script 
  • We will text each winner and tell them their prize, together with instructions to text back their details ( or fill in a web form for more detailed info) and the cut off times for claiming prize
  • If they *dont* text back or complete the web form in full, we will text them every 24 hours remining them to claim their prize ( we re-text winners until the cut off time)
  • We will aggregate all data of people who have replied ( for mail merge or other) 
  • We will report on number of replies and those who didn’t enter 
  • If people text in after the cut off time for replying for prize fulfilment we will text them back and say ‘sorry you are too late as per T&C’s we cant accept your reply’. 
  • We will text all of the people who replied correctly and tell them that their prize is on the way.

Please click here to contact Return2Sender if you are interested in trialing this service! 

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