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Based in leafy, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin, we are a closely knit team of mobile engagement specialists founded in the year of the iPod, 2001. We leverage mobile technology for marketing purposes.

Our aim is simple: to help our clients harness the true potential of mobile technologies to create value for their customers and in turn, drive growth for their businesses.

Most of the work we do is natively mobile, using technologies like SMS, Apps Development, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, App notifications, Mobile games, QR codes, Location Based Marketing, and new fun stuff like augmented reality, iBeacons etc.

As well as that, we leverage traditional digital marketing tools and social channels to drive brand awareness, sales conversion, and customer acquisition and retention. 

Mobile Games

Engage Your Audience.

Mobile Games are a great way to engage your customers in-store, at brand activations or events and everywhere else!

We can develop mobile games for the web, for native iOS and Android apps.

We also develop web, in app and SMS based free to play predictor games for sports sponsorships, sports rights holders and brand promotions.

Mobile Voting Campaigns.

Voting Campaigns via SMS, Web, In-App & Chatbots

Voting campaigns are a great way to involve your audience in your sports event, TV programme, promotion, event or advertising campaign.

Our platform seamlessly and securely manages everything with up to date results and live feeds.

The platform works with SMS, chatbots, websites and mobile apps.

Intersting Fact: Did you know more people voted in Pop Idol via SMS than in the 2001 UK election and popular brands such as Cadbury Wispa, and Walkers Crisps have all been put to the popular vote.

App Development

We've over 11 years experience of developing iOS & Android Apps

We do apps for 3-week in-store promotions and apps for 1-day festivals.

We make lovely TV companion apps, customer service apps and apps for 5-year plans. Sponsorship apps and apps for pub promotions, apps for hospitals, law firms, insurance, telcos, FMCG, pharma companies, tourism sites, and big fun, innovation apps for campaign launches.

We also build our own apps ( when we’ve time).

We have developed apps for DIAGEO, Vodafone, Coca Cola, Pfizer, A&L Goodbody, AVIVA, Bank Of Ireland, Cavan County Council, Ogilvy, ii, Goosebump & Kerry Foods, Aer Lingus, Tallaght Hospital, The Hermitage, OLCHC, Offical GAA App, Ebow,

Augmented Reality: Websites, Apps & AR Campaigns

Scan Packaging, Play Games, Integrate with Snapchat, Facebook, Apple AR Kit.

We have been developing Augmented Reality (AR) experiences for almost 10 years now for brands such as Jameson, Vodafone and Coca Cola.

We can help your brand exploit the full potential of Augmented Reality (AR) from simple small budget web based AR solutions, to game like experiences within Snapchat, Shazam,and Facebook as well as App deployments for events, brand sponsorship, promotions, product launches and 360 degree campaigns.

SMS Marketing & Text & Win Campaigns

In-Store Promotions, On Pack, Sponsorships, Watch N Win, Predict N Win.

You can't beat SMS for its sheer reach and simplicity.

SMS campaigns are relatively in-expensive and quick and easy to deploy for in-store promotions, events, on-pack promotions and direct response for TV, Radio, Outdoor and Print.

We are constantly finding new ways to create fun promotions around a technology that isn't going anywhere fast! In fact...

Fun Fact: Peer to Peer SMS is in decline but Person to Business SMS is on the increase year on year.


Chatbot promotions, games, customer services

With over 1.3 billion monthly active users as of April 2018 Facebook Messenger is catching up on WhatsApp ( 1.5b MAU's).

For Marketers, Facebook Messenger presents the most opportunities. In Messenger you can do cool stuff like games, embedded websites, augmented reality and if course 2-way 'conversational' activations that take full advantage of the Messenger platform and link in with Facebook Ads.

Some of the things we've developed include:

- A recipe and meal planner
- A rugby predictor game / competition
-A football match planner for watching games on TV
-An Augmented Reality Valentine's Day lens for chocolate lovers

NFC Services

Enhance POS and packaging with NFC stickers

Tap into new types of interactivity!

NFC and print materials go very well together. No more typing or even scanning! All you have to do is tap the poster or POS you're phone magically comes to life.

If you've every tapped your ATM card on one of those handy 'contactless' machines then you've used NFC. By placing NFC stickers on your printed materials or point of sale you can trigger an SMS, a website, Facebook or an App. Again we can help you exploit the full potential of NFC to make it easier for your customers to interact with your promotion or campaign.

Websites & Microsites

Design, Development, Database Integration, Hosting & Analytics

We've delivered loads of campaign micro-sites and landing pages for promotions, sponsorship activations and app launches.

For web promotions, we also do all the other tecchie stuff like unique code generation, database development, online reporting, winner allocation and printer liaison.

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