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SMS still delivers the best ROI of all Mobile Marketing tools. 

With the arrival of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, peer to peer SMS may be in decline but business to business SMS is actually on the increase. 


In fact, if you look at your phone right now you’ll notice that your WhatsApp, Facebook, and Email is showing hundreds of unanswered messages but SMS is sitting there, elegantly, uncluttered.


It’s like SMS has become your in-tray for important bite sized stuff from brands and business.


Your DHL delivery is on its way! You won a prize! Your wages just hit your account, your oversized parcel is waiting for you in the depot. Oh no your direct debit just bounced but in better news, your appointment with Bruno the Italian masseuse is confirmed for 3 pm tomorrow! We hope you enjoyed your stay click here to leave us feedback.  


There is so much untapped potential with SMS. Its sheer ease of use makes it the perfect mechanism to elicit a consumer response and with over 99% open rates you’re pretty much guaranteed that people will read your text. Sure, its limited in bandwidth but with a bit of creativity…


From Text and Win campaigns, to customer feedback, voting, notifications, alerts and even bite sized content – we’ve 16 years of creating bespoke SMS services for your brand, business or latest campaign, in Ireland, UK, Australia and beyond.


Some of our current customers for SMS include Bank Of Ireland, Jurys’s Doyle, Tesco, Guinness, Kildare Village, Coca Cola, & Vodafone.


SMS is the perfect choice for enabling your promotion.

The reasons are for choosing SMS for your promotion are as follows: 

  1. Everyone has SMS on their phone- it’s ubiquitous. 
  2. SMS is consumer facing. It takes about 5 seconds to enter an SMS promotion. It’s usually free to enter.  There’s no awkward ‘like’ or ‘share’ or adjustment of weird privacy settings to enter via SMS. There are no cumbersome web forms. Everyone understands SMS. 
  3. For the above reason, retailers love SMS which means they are more likely to carry your promotion. 
  4. It takes a few hours to order an SMS shortcode and keyword for the POS for your promotion ( handy if you have a print deadline and a retailer wants your promotion yesterday). Setting up a website or a social promotion can take weeks of back n forth with legal, global IT security etc.
  5. It’s easy to contact winners via SMS – if you’re giving away 1000 fidget spinners you can text the winners and they’ll reply within minutes. Contrast that with DM’ing or calling or emailing 1000 people on Instagram. This saves you time and hassle ( and budget and margin). 
  6. SMS is cheaper to implement than other digital channels – leaving you more budget to allocate towards delivering breakthrough point of sale, great prizes and retailer buy in.
  7. SMS is flexible and real-time – there’s a lot you can do in a messaging environment that’s simply clunky and awkward in other digital environments like ‘instant-win’, win every 5 minutes, enter unique codes, magic moments, fastest texter etc. 
  8. SMS is traceable – SMS leaves an irrefutable paper trail of time of entry and if required location of entry. This comes in very handy when a consumer might call the customer care line or the local radio station. 
  9. Consumers feel like they have a fairer chance of winning: anecdotally, many consumers are suspicious of socially based entry mechanics believing their chances of winning are skewed by their social profile, friend graph or eyebrows. 

Interested? Please contact about briefing us on your latest SMS promotion.

What App is used most often and installed on every phone? 

You guessed it SMS.

Simple, instant, intuitive ubiquitous and most of all inviting. When you see an SMS call to action there’s no load time, logging in or cumbersome form filling.

In a nutshell that is the benefit of SMS – because its easy to do, its fast and discreet people are more inclined to text your SMS direct response number that call a 1800 number or visit a website. 

This makes SMS the perfect choice for promotions, voting, alerts as well as more bespoke services like mortgage calculators, checking your bank balance, placing a bet or even ordering pizza. SMS can also be applied to brand awareness type services like the SMS baby name calculator we recently did for baby nutrition company. 

Of course, SMS isn’t perceived as being cutting edge by some Marketing people. Do you choose a) the technology that’s most relevant to my target audience or b) do you choose a technology that maybe isn’t as relevant but will get more responses. That depends on your activity goal. 

If you have a new campaign, or promotion coming up or you’ve a business problem that you’re looking to solve please feel free to get in touch.

With over 16 years of developing bespoke SMS services that deliver on your activity goals please feel free to email us on info@Return2Sender with a few lines of what you’re looking to achieve and we’ll send you back some options and pricing.





Short-codes are those 5 digit numbers that you see advertised on radio, TV, packaging, and point of sale. 

There is a range of options available when choosing an SMS short-code; free text, standard rate or premium rate.

It really depends on your budget and what your campaign objectives are.

Freetext Vs Standard Rate, the options: 

Most of the promotions that we run, where the volume is manageable, we tend to use freetext or standard rate in UK or Ireland.

It’s worth remembering that on free-text the advertiser pays for all of the SMS in and out.

Normally, say on standard rate, the advertiser would only pay for the SMS reply message and the consumer or entrant would pay for the SMS in ( consumers pay their standard network charge). 

Many of the advertisers and companies we work with prefer the freetext option because, and like say its free-phone, 1800 equivalent,  it simply makes for a better call to action. 

However if you are running promotion and its going on say millions of bottles of cola then you might decide to go for the cheaper standard rate option. In reality if the prize is really good you wont see any drop off in entries between free-text or standard rate. 

Free-text also works really well for SMS DR where you want people to text in to order a brochure or for a quote on a car loan or something. 

Premium rate: These are the shortcodes where you text in to pay for your parking or for a chance to win a really big prize on TV. Unfortunately, we dont actually do much of this type of thing.

UK or Ireland or Australia? We’ve got you covered. Email to enquire more!



Bulk SMS

There was a time, in the very early days of SMS Marketing, when people were a little wary of texting into short-codes or opting in to receive ongoing brand communications via SMS.

People were worried ( like email) that they might get bombarded with texts that they wouldnt be able to opt out of or worst still they might be charged real money to actually receive SMS. 

That’s all changed now as advertisers have realised the real benefit of actaully having people’s mobile number. 

Most businesses now realise that if they are going to allocate budget to text people en masses they need to be sending relevant, personalised, timely, targetted and most of all valuable communications. 

Contrast the success of SMS with the world of social where Marketoonist Tom Fishburne comments: ‘As content marketing matures, Mark Schaefer’s “Content Shock” hypothesis is proving itself out: “exponentially increasing volumes of content intersect our limited human capacity to consume it.”

If you would like to talk about how to build your opt-in SMS list and manage your ongoing timely, relevant SMS communications please contact 

Image left: Our work for Vodafone where we text people who are entitled to an upgrade and then promt them to click to a series of micro-sites that we developed where they can request their new upgrade  phone. The campaigns performed 12 times better than email and won a customer service award in the process!




SMS / Websites 

SMS and the web work brilliantly together.

By including a web link in an SMS and inviting people to click on that link you benefit from the really high open rates of SMS ( 99%) and all of the rich interactivity of the web. 

We can develop simple one off or ongoing responsive web pages that contain surveys, maps competition forms, offers, vouchers, data cleansing, up-sell/cross sell, video, links to social.  

One of our favourite clients, The Doyle Collection, use SMS to send people who have just booked their hotel, details on how to check in, plus a link to a map as well as their booking reference. And, when they have checked out they send them a link to a survey to see if they were happy with their stay. 

In another example, Vodafone, sent people who were entitled to an updgrade an SMS plus a link to personalised web pages showcasing phones that they could upgrade to. Vodafone customers could then request the phone ( and re-contract!) and then have that phone delivered to their address within 72 hours. Simple, effective and most of all delivering great ROI.

If you would like to enquire about how SMS and the web can work for your business please contact


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