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Geofilter? No problem! Find out how to make your own brand geofilter in 5 easy steps!

1. Create.Snapchat.com

The best place to start your geofilter journey is on Snapchat’s own website. Login, click on on-demand geofilters then choose ‘create a filter’ and let the fun begin! Step 1 complete.


2. Upload Your Own/Create Your Own

This is where the difficulty level moves up a notch. You can upload an image and use it as your filter or use Snapchat pre-existing templates. However, if you chose to upload an image Snapchat have made things easier by providing a list guidelines to follow:

  1. The size of your image should be 1080 x 2340 pixels.
  2. The image should have a transparent background (it is a filter after all!), and no branding  should cover the centre of the image. The centre of the image should stay completely empty.
  3. You should save your selected image as a PNG-24 prior to uploading by first choosing ‘Save for Web(Legacy)’ and then as PNG.

If you feel that using your own brand image isn’t worth the extra hassle don’t worry, Snapchat’s own templates more than do the job!


3. Personalise Your Filter 

Once you’ve chosen the template for your geofilter, you can now personalise it by adding text saying anything you want! This is where most businesses that use Snapchat’s own template write their business’ name to make their filter unique and help make their business stand out.


4. Dates

The next step is to simply chose the dates and length of time you want your filter to be made available from.This is one element Snapchat uses to determine its price so be aware that the longer your filter is available, the more it’s going to cost.


5. Location

Finally, you just have to chose the location you want your geofilter to show up in by simply typing in the address of your business or where you want the filter to appear. Once you’ve determined the location, all that’s left to do is drag the corners of Snapchat’s geofence around your chosen area and you’re finished. Congratulations! Just proceed to the checkout and complete your order. Snapchat then review all filters before giving them the go ahead, but once you’ve been approved you’re good to go! Happy Days!


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