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The top 5 coolest things Snapchat can do for your business right now!



For any businesses with an app, this is a tool made for you. One element of SnapKit is that it allows other organisations to embed Snapchat features, such as their login and bitmojis, into their apps. People trust Snapchat with their information so this function makes your app more attractive and easier to use. As GDPR is a major concern for consumers right now, this feature on Snapkit is getting a big thumbs up from us.



                                                                          2. Snap Maps  

 When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston last year, Houstonians were encouraged to use Snap Maps to track what was happening and to keep an eye on the location of their surrounding friends and families. In light of this, Snapchat decided to make Snap Maps available in a webview rather than just on the app. This change allows businesses, like restaurants and shops, to embed Snap Maps into their site, making them easier to find by Snapchat users. Snaptastic.


3. Snapchat Lens 

Augmented reality is here and Snapchat is bringing us straight to an A.R based future. Snapchat Lens uses augmented reality to create fun new scenarios for users to engage in. Brands such as Deadpool 2 have used the lens function to promote and improve their brand awareness. If you want to make a lens for your business, find out how you can here!



4. Snappables

Taking A.R and Snapchat to the next level is Snappables. Snappables combines filters with augmented reality to create a new game function on Snapchat where you can play with friends or by yourself. Get your brand sponsoring a Snappables game and stay cool with this fresh new trend.



5. Offline Sales Impact Tool 

Last but most certainly not least, are Snapchat’s new marketing tools. Their new tool Offline Sales Impact (OSI) will allow organisations to measure the impact of their promotion on their offline sales. This will allow organisations to understand just how valuable their campaign is. This could quite possibly be one of the most important tools for marketers on social media to date.

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