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Beacons Power Gatwick Airport Navigation

Beacons Power Gatwick Airport Navigation!

Beacons appear to be finding their level right now.

This Gatwick Airport example shows that over 2,000 have been deployed to help time-pressed travellers navigate their way around the airport. 

It’s not that they never had their level, it just takes businesses to be very organised to deploy beacons in a meaningful way.

And of course, to create a nice user experience you need an app.

Beacons provide marketers with a very precise location of a product or service.

In this Gatwick example Google Maps will tell the user where the actual airport or international gates are.

But to pinpoint precise locations such as actual departure gates, toilets, vending machines or newsagents it is neccesary to deploy them. 

They don’t rely on the GSM or Wifi Network so they’re handy little guys to have around from that perspective. 

Another example could be a supermarket.

If you wanted to tell shoppers where to find gluten free stock cubes

You could integrate beacons in your app to pinpoint the actual location of such products. 

This helps to increase in-store conversion rate. 

Here at Return2Sender…

We’ve done a good few iBeacon here at Return2Sender.

Last St Stephen’s Green we created a game where shoppers had to go from shop to shop to collect points in exchange for a free Easter Egg!

If you want to know more about this project feel free to email us at info@return2sender.com. 


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