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Examples Of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Inspiration 2019- Scroll & Scroll. 

If you’re looking for some great examples of mobile marketing to get you inspired you’ve come to the right place. 

You can bookmark this blog post because this is where we will be regularly posting new and interesting stuff that has caught our eye! 

Whopper Detour – Burger King. 

How do you do something fun that will get a) Burger King talked about b) will get people to install the Burger King app and c) drive footfall. 

Watch the video below! 

Hint: players had to go to within 600m of a McDonald’s ‘geo-fence’ ( yes their main rival) to get their reward and then do u-turn and then to back to their nearest Burger King to get their prize! Very mobile-y indeed.

QR Codes are everywhere 

Here’s a nice example of how QR codes can enhance your exercise routine in the park. 

This is a good example of a ‘micro moment’ where people are open to using QR codes. 

The clever people who make the exercise machines in Herbert Park have QR codes linking to video tutorials to help joggers get the best out of the video machines ( if you look closely at the image below there’s a QR code linking to the tutorial videos). 

One of the great myths of marketing to say, younger millenial, consumers is that ‘millenials’ dont have the attention span or interest in long form content. Everything has to be ten seconds long! Apart from being patronising, this isn’t true. It’s simply a case of adpating your message for the right content.

For example people wont watch a long form video in a busy supermarket but they will watch that same video lounging on the couch in the evening or on the bus when deciding what to eat for dinner

Context, really, is king when it comes to mobile. Where the person is determines the type of mobile experience that will work. Traditional media has this all worked out but digital media is getting there and of course it’s easier to track digital media. 

Lucozade UK – NFC ‘Unstoppable Bottle Campaign’ – IPM UK Grand Prix 2018

A first of its kind activation, the ‘Unstoppable Bottle’ idea took the Lucozade Energy and gave London commuters the chance to ‘find their flow’ and travelon the underground for free.

Over a four-day window, rush hour at London’s busiest tube station turned into ‘Whoosh hour’ between 3.00pm and 4.00pm, the time when most workers dipin energy. Over 5,000 Lucozade bottle samples, featuring a bespoke RFID chip, were distributed providing Londoners with free journeys across the city.

With 80% of journeys across the London travel network using oyster cards and contactless travel, it was important for the Lucozade solution to offer the same ease for commuters to use.

To offer people a free journey, each unit had to be given its own set of banking details so the transactions could be processed. Given the complex process ofchip development and compatibility with TFL’s network, the potential risksinvolved were great and extensive prototyping and independent testing were needed.

The activation was supported with a full media takeover of all print and digital formats, barriers, tunnels and escalators at Oxford Circus tube. Bespoke commuter messaging hit daily strivers with targeted messages like “put some glide in your stride”, and “in the zone, whatever the zone”. Social and influencercoverage allowed the activation to reach over 34 million people. Video contents were timed with secured social media promoted posts which amplified the idea and ensured it landed with a bang.

The activity achieved national media and trade media coverage in print and online plus influencer coverage reaching over 34 million people.

Here’s a video showing how it works:

The Corruption Detector App was the most downloaded app in Brazil. 

What separates Mobile Marketing From Digital Marketing? 

Well, from our perspective there’s a few things that make mobile unique and slightly different from say digital marketing.

  1. On the go mobile. The activity tends to work only when people are on the move. An AR treasure hunt like Pokemon go is a good example of on-the-go mobile-marketing.
  2. Contextual: The brand experience integrates or replies on with the location or context. Tapping an NFC enabled piece of point of sale is a good example of that or using your phone to play a game on a bus shelter to win a prize.
  3. Personal: This is often over looked. Your phone is first and foremost your personal device and if say a brand wants to message someone or send them a push notification it has to be really personalised, relevant, non spammy. The type of display advertising that you see on your feed wouldn’t be tolerated in a messaging environment ( which kinda explains why Facebook has thus far failed to monetise Messenger WhatsApp so far).

    The final word below goes to the Cannes Lions Judges..

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