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Think Small and focus On A Sustainable Messaging Strategy Before You Develop Your Mobile App




Since the birth of SMS, one of the things that us mobile agencies have had to do is work within the laws of constraint. Limited bandwidth, screen size, character length, battery life, on the go, privacy concerns, etc. have all imposed restrictions on mobile creative. Not to mention budgets!

But, this is actually a good thing because it forces the agency to become much more rigorous in how you develop your mobile proposition. It acts as a threshing machine separating the chaff from the wheat. It cuts to the content.

According to Jacob Nielsen headlines should be traditionally no more than 5 words.

Saatchi & Saatchi had their ‘brutal simplicity of thought’ (from Bertrand Russell’s Happiness where happiness can only be achieved by the painful necessity of thought). Simple messages enter the brain faster.

Brevity, the soul of wit, can be applied to your app strategy.

If you stress test your content and check if it would work as a standalone set of recurring app notifications (or even text messages) then you’ve got something enduring to build a relationship on. Once you’ve nailed that, you can then broaden your app proposition out into pictures, words, animation, games etc.

You can also extend your snack-able content to other bite sized platforms ( Twitter, WhatsApp TBC, SMS, FB Messenger TBC, We Chat etc).

Now granted, there are those killer apps that simply would not work without a rich immersive interface but for many companies who are looking to develop an app where they build something useful to stay top of mind with their customers this works well and it shouldn’t cost the earth to build, test, learn and then enhance with more budget.

This approach is really important as apps become less destinations people go to on their phones and more as widget type beach-heads for (contextual) rewards, and useful info on the go. — especially on iOS 9 and beyond.

So the next time you’re developing your app (assuming of course you’ve got content people actually want) start with ‘would people like my app if it could only pop up now and again with 5 words’ ? Or if our app budget got slashed could it exist as an occasional text message?

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